giving a fresh life to used items

We're on a journey to create a sustainable future and change the narrative of recycling in Africa and beyond, and we're taking everyone with us.

Don't trash it, cash it

What we produce

Cold washed PET flakes​
Cold washed transparent light blue flakes​
Crushed Bottle caps
Multi-coloured bottle caps regrind.
Unwashed pet flakes
Unwashed coloured pet flakes in white,brown ,black and green​
Hot washed PET flakes
Hot washed white and transparent PET flakes
Baled Aluminium cans
Baled used beverage cans
Baled PET
Baled PET plastics bottles

interested in buying cold washed pet flakes?

We have a team committed to producing high quality cold washed pet flakes. We have the capacity to produce and export 200 tons monthly.

our Services

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Plastic (pet bottle) waste recycling business online master class

A comprehensive online learning experience where you'll gain in-depth knowledge about recycling used PET bottles, along with an exclusive one-time access to tour our cutting-edge facility on a scheduled date.

1-on-1 Recycling Business Physical Training

We offer intensive physical onsite training for VIPs. We will teach you all you need to know about the plastic recycling business from collection to processing and selling locally. This training is a combination of prerecorded videos , a 4 hours on site tour and physical practical training at our facility...

machine operator training

We offer specialized training for those interested in becoming certified machine operators, equipping them with essential skills to handle tasks efficiently on the job.

PET bottle recycling business consultation

Our dedicated team will collaborate with you for three months, providing comprehensive training and hands-on support to setup your recycling facility from start to finish.


About Fifthseed Recycling

Since 2019 we have been committed to saving the environment and changing lives through waste recycling.

Fifthseed recycling is a company that is committed to sustaining a healthy environment by giving trashed plastic or metals a second life , creating jobs for skilled and unskilled people and alternative source of income for low income homes through recycling.


About #Recycling4Education

Transforming Waste into Hope

The premise of #Recycle4Education is simple: donate your waste, and together, we can fund the education of a child in need. We accept a variety of materials, including all types of plastics, pure water sachets, nylon/shrink wraps, tires, aluminum beverage cans, aluminum body spray perfume cans, cartons, office papers, truck or car tires, car or truck radiators, truck or car rims, solar or car batteries.

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