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We're on a journey to create a sustainable future and change the narrative of recycling in Africa and beyond, and we're taking everyone with us.

Don't trash it, cash it

What we produce

Cold washed PET flakes​
Cold washed transparent light blue flakes​
Crushed Bottle caps
Multi-coloured bottle caps regrind.
Unwashed pet flakes
Unwashed coloured pet flakes in white,brown ,black and green​
Hot washed PET flakes
Hot washed white and transparent PET flakes
Baled Aluminium cans
Baled used beverage cans
Baled PET
Baled PET plastics bottles

interested in buying cold washed pet flakes?

We have a team committed to producing high quality cold washed pet flakes. We have the capacity to produce and export 200 tons monthly.

our Services

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Export of recyclable Materials

We transform all the recyclable materials into a state that is convenient for transportation, The collected recyclables are further processed at our Collection and Sorting HUBs and thereafter sold in the form of PET flakes, crushed HDPE, baled UBC, etc. to manufacturing/recycling plants who in turn use these processed items as raw materials for the production of a wide range of items, including but not limited to polyester fiber, carpets, hangers, pegs, aluminum ingots, craft papers for making cartons, etc.

Waste Pickup

Individuals, houses holds, bars and restaurants can sign up for this free pick up program and be added to our door2door waste recyclables pick up routes where we will pickup your recyclable waste and reward you with SeedPoints which can later be redeemed for cash or gift items. Soon after you sign up for this service, you will be contacted by our customer engagement team with more details on how to proceed.

We collect; All types of plastics , pure water sachets , nylon/shrink wraps ,tire , aluminum beverage cans, aluminum body spray Perfume cans , cartons, office papers, truck or care tire , car or truck radiator ,truck or car rims , solar or car battery.


About Fifthseed Recycling

Since 2019 we have been committed to saving the environment and changing lives through waste recycling.

FifthSeed Recycling Limited is a dedicated social enterprise with a mission to enrich lives and sustain a healthy environment. By giving post-consumer and post-industrial plastics and metals a second life, we not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also create meaningful impact in our communities. Our recycling initiatives provide job opportunities for unskilled men and women, offering them a pathway to stable employment and financial independence.


About #Recycling4Education

Transforming Waste into Hope

The premise of #Recycle4Education is simple: donate your waste, and together, we can fund the education of a child in need. We accept a variety of materials, including all types of plastics, pure water sachets, nylon/shrink wraps, tires, aluminum beverage cans, aluminum body spray perfume cans, cartons, office papers, truck or car tires, car or truck radiators, truck or car rims, solar or car batteries.

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